Jumat, 03 Oktober 2014

daily postcard #128: the flowers on my head

watercolor and drawing pen on paper

this time, i draw a flower for myself.

yesterday i had a hard time.
it kind of disappointing when someone blame us for something.
when they made us into the villain for something that is not our fault.
it seems unfair.

but you know, anger is just like the fire.
it burn the problem. it doens't solve anything. 

so all i can do is just take a breath and try to be patient. 
even i was surprise for myself.
well, the "younger me" would never do this. 
i'll yell them back and angry. 
but the "now me" not do that.

maybe, all this time there's a flowers that grow slowly on my head.
it calms me down. 
the colors, the scent, and the beauty of them make my head cooler, 
make my heart warmer. 
make all the problem on my bad day gone. 
vanish into nothing.

well, maybe right now you're also growing some flower on your head. 
or maybe on your heart. 
you just don't know yet.
just wait and see.

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