Selasa, 28 Oktober 2014

daily postcard #139: wake up

watercolor and drawing pen on paper

This couple day i had a very very long night.

i got sick and it feel terrible.
i spent my day laying on my bed but its doesn't feel comfortable at all.
i want to sleep but i can't.
i want to breath easily but i don't know why it's very hard.
i was hungry, but when i eat something, i'm throw up on my bed in the middle of the night.
oh, i'm not enjoy it. this weakness is depressing.
i had enough. i want to recover quickly.

And then this morning my mother come into my room.
she wake me up like she always do when i was a child.
between a vague consciousness, it seems I heard my mother whispered
"What are you hold up, girl? You can stop pretending like everything was okay. I know deep down you feeling sad."
Maybe it was a dream. But i deny it. "No I'm not sad."
"Oh, you were sad. Because I know when you sad, you become upset and then you got sick. Like now."

No, I'm no sad.
i just had a very very long night this couple day.

"Then wake up. Look, it's morning already."

But I keep my eyes closed.
Not now. Just, let me sleep a little longer before i face this scary world today.

I woke up a few hours after my mother left.
and strangely, I can breath easily and i feel all better.
her whisper is just like a spell that take all my pain away

i feel like waking up from a very long night

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