Kamis, 30 Oktober 2014

daily postcard #140: Breathe

watercolor and drawing pen on paper

I think I need to change my habit.
this several months, i always wake up late.
Oke I do wake up in the morning, for pray, but then I always climb up to my bed and sleep again.
I was exhausted, and terribly sleepy.
Maybe it was because the night before, i had too much work, or too much deadline, or maybe just too much excuse to not go to bed early.
Well it's not healthy, i know.
This probably also one of the reasons why I fell sick yesterday.

So, today I think i need to change my habit. 
I wake up in the morning and take a deep breath. 
Filling my lungs with morning air. 
And then I wear my sneakers, which I bought a few months ago and I never use it to exercise at all.
Well, it's fun to start exercising again after long absent.
It makes my body become lighter and fresh.

maybe you should try it too.
Breathing in the morning air
and start running.

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